Profile of Abuse

Emotional Abuse

Do any of the below statements exist in your current relationship?

  • Ignored or belittled my feelings
  • Insulted my friends or family, driving them away
  • Refused to work or share money
  • Continually criticized me
  • Regularly threatened to leave me
  • Name called, mocked, accused, or blamed me
  • Told me that I could never make it on my own
  • Belittled or ignored my spiritual needs or beliefs
  • Made me think or feel like I was crazy
  • Hurt or threatened to hurt my pets
  • Stolen or steals my money
  • Manipulated my children
  • Threatened to separate me from my children with Child Protection or a custody dispute
  • Destroyed my property or belongings
  • Made me fearful, with words or body language
  • Made discriminating/disparaging remarks about about my gender
  • Made insulting remarks about my body
  • Got mad or made me feel guilty about not having sex
  • Called me derogatory names
  • Withheld affection
  • Minimized my feelings about sex

Physical Abuse

My partner has…

  • Hit me with fist or object
  • Thrown objects at me
  • Strangled/choked me
  • Pushed, shoved or grabbed me
  • Caused me to be unconscious
  • Slapped me
  • Threatened me with a knife or gun
  • Forced or coerced me to engage in sex
  • Kicked me
  • Insisted on touching me sexually against my will
  • Threatened my life
  • Used a weapon towards me

If you have experienced any of the above types of domestic violence, please call an advocate immediately