Services We Offer

Crisis Shelter
Advocate workstation
Meeting Room

Crisis Line 1-800-588-6229

Advocates are available 24/7 to help.

Orders for Protection/Harassment

Advocates will assist victim/survivors with:

  • Orders for Protection (OFP)
  • Harassment Restraining Orders (HRO)

  • Court Accompaniment

  • Referrals for Legal Services

  • Tracking court matters on behalf of victim/survivors


Advocates will provide assistance to help match individuals with other resources and programs to meet needs; such as housing, medical, emergency, and other types of assistance.

Access to Mental Health Services

For more information on meeting with a mental health professional, free of charge, please call 218-444-1395.

Animal Shelter

Advocates can help find pet shelter through a partnership with Great River Rescue. For more information, please call 218-444-1395.

Pets - Animal Shelter

Support Groups

For more information on Support Groups, please call 218-444-1395.
Support Group cancellations can occur when there is bad weather, shortage of staff, etc. 

Safe at Home

Safe at Home is an address confidentiality program offered through the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State. It is available to people who fear for their safety and have an actual residential address in Minnesota. Participants can be victims of stalking, domestic violence, sexual assault, or people who fear for their safety due to professional reasons or because of other safety concerns. People in Safe at Home are assigned a PO Box address that they can legally use as their actual address for all of their interactions with others.

Please call NBWS to speak with a Safe at Home Program Application Assistant. You can also visit the Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State for more information.

Community Awareness & Education

The Community Advocate is available to provide training, workshops, and presentations to community members and organizations on a variety of domestic violence related topics.